WizardBot – Getting Started

Introducing WizardBot, the ultimate tool for effortless content generation powered by cutting-edge AI technology. WizardBot supports a wide range of popular AI models, ensuring that you can create high-quality content with ease.

AI Generators:

  • AI Text Generator
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Video Generator
  • AI Code Generator
  • AI ChatBot
  • AI Speech to Text
  • AI Voiceover
  • AI PDF
  • AI FileChat (CSV, PDF, or .doc)
  • AI Vision
  • AI Chat Image
  • AI Content Detector
  • AI Plagiarism Check
  • AI Web Search
  • AI Youtube to Post
  • AI Content Generation from RSS

AI WRITER: Generate top-notch text content effortlessly with our intuitive interface and powerful features. Edit, export, or publish your AI-generated result seamlessly.

AI VIDEO: Transform static images into dynamic videos with professional-quality editing and smooth transitions. Let WizardBot craft captivating video narratives that leave a lasting impression.

AI IMAGES: Create high-quality images for various applications including web design, advertising, and social media effortlessly.

AI CHAT: Get instant answers to your questions on any topic with our AI-powered chatbot.

AI WEBCHAT: Share web links and let our chatbot analyze the content, providing relevant insights and opinions tailored to your interests.

FLOATING CHATBOT: Deploy fully customizable chatbots seamlessly between frontend and dashboard for instant support and interaction.

AI CODE: Streamline your coding process and get your projects up and running faster than ever before with WizardBot.

AI SPEECH TO TEXT: Accurately transcribe recordings in just minutes with our user-friendly interface.

AI VOICEOVER: Bring your words to life with captivating AI voiceovers available in multiple languages and dialects.

AI VOICE CLONE: Create a voice that perfectly mirrors yours and seamlessly produce speech in multiple languages.

AI VISION – EXPLAIN IMAGES: Get insightful conversations about any uploaded image effortlessly.

CHATPDF – ANALYZE DOCUMENTS: Revolutionize how you interact with PDFs by extracting key insights or summarizing entire documents effortlessly.

AI FILE CHAT: Extract specific information from various document formats quickly and easily.

AI – ARTICLE WIZARD: Generate SEO-optimized blog content in seconds by simply choosing your topic.

SEARCH THE WEB: Access up-to-date search results from Google directly within WizardBot.

YOUTUBE VIDEO TO BLOG POST: Convert content from Youtube videos into polished blog posts effortlessly.

GENERATE FROM RSS FEED: Transform RSS feed content into compelling blog posts effortlessly.

CHAT IMAGES: Generate a diverse array of images seamlessly within the chat environment.

AI – PLAGIARISM CHECK: Detect instances of plagiarism or content duplication swiftly.

AI – CONTENT DETECTOR: Analyze text to determine if it is human or AI-generated quickly and accurately.

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Experience the simplicity and power of WizardBot today, and unlock your business potential with AI-driven content generation.


v 5.6.0
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