VisualBot – Getting Started

VisualBot is an innovative all-in-one solution crafted to elevate your business presence across various domains including marketing, sales, automation, and ecommerce. Our platform features a cutting-edge AI chatbot creator empowered by an intuitive Drag & Drop flow builder, eliminating the necessity for coding skills. Seamless integration with Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM ensures uninterrupted communication channels.

Our intelligent chatbots cater to a plethora of needs, excelling in social media marketing, sales, and customer support. Whether you seek a chatbot for Instagram, Messenger, or ecommerce websites, VisualBot has you covered. Operating 24/7, these chatbots deliver swift responses and personalized interactions, augmenting user engagement and driving higher conversion rates.

At the heart of VisualBot’s excellence lies its Advanced Dashboard, furnishing comprehensive social media management capabilities. The platform extends its prowess to SMS and Email Marketing alongside Messenger, SMS, and email Broadcasting, presenting a holistic approach to your marketing endeavors.

VisualBot thrives in chatbot marketing, bolstering automation to help your business thrive in the ever-evolving social media landscape. Seamlessly integrating with various platforms, it enhances social media automation through chatbot integration and messenger chatbots for effective engagement.

The platform’s E-commerce Store, seamlessly integrating with Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM, is also accessible via web browsers. This facilitates direct product sales, enriching the ecommerce experience and contributing to increased conversion rates.

Distinctive features encompass comment Automation, a robust support desk system, a complete blog infrastructure, multilingual support in 12 languages, RTL support, and a White Label multi-user SaaS application for personalized marketing services.

Our ‘Live Chat’ feature provides a dynamic interface for real-time communication, fostering active engagement through instant notifications.

Beyond its role in Ecommerce, VisualBot’s multifaceted approach empowers businesses to tailor and personalize marketing campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring broader outreach and sustained engagement. Craft compelling content, promotions, or updates through these tools, maximizing customer engagement while maintaining a consistent brand narrative.

VisualBot redefines audience interaction, offering a versatile package to enhance online presence and operational efficiency across diverse platforms. Experience the future of customer service automation with an advanced AI Chatbot for social media marketing and beyond.


Visual Flow Builder for Messenger and Instagram DM Bot Creation

VisualBot provides a powerful yet user-friendly solution for creating bots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. With our intuitive Drag and Drop Bot Builder, users can effortlessly design chatbots tailored to their specific needs.

Seamless Switching Between Messenger and Instagram

VisualBot simplifies the management of bots across different platforms. With our Bot Manager, users can easily switch between Messenger and Instagram, ensuring consistent and efficient bot deployment.

Precise Keyword-based Replies

Our bots are equipped to deliver exact and string match keyword-based replies, ensuring accurate responses to user queries.

Versatile Reply Options

VisualBot allows users to respond with various types of content including text, files, images, audio, video, and GIFs. Additionally, users can utilize templates such as Generic Template, Carousel Template, and Media Template for enhanced engagement.

Interactive Buttons and Quick Replies

Users can incorporate post-back buttons and quick reply buttons into their bots, enabling seamless interaction with users. Buttons can be configured to perform actions such as opening URLs, calling phone numbers, and displaying webviews or user birthdays.

Personalized Responses

VisualBot enables personalized replies by incorporating user data such as first name, last name, and subscriber profile information including gender, time zone, and locale.

Subscriber Management and Segmentation

Our platform allows users to sync existing leads and migrate them as bot subscribers. Subscribers can be segmented based on post-back button clicks, private replies, or by adding labels manually.

Enhanced Engagement Tools

VisualBot offers features such as icebreakers to initiate conversations, persistent menus for easy navigation, and one-time notification (OTN) broadcasting after 24 hours for promotional messaging.

Ecommerce Store and Restaurant Integration

For businesses looking to streamline their ecommerce operations, VisualBot offers a mobile app-like interface with features including multiple stores, contactless QR menus, product and category management, coupon systems, and support for various payment gateways.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Our platform provides comprehensive marketing tools including auto comment tools for engaging with users on Facebook, Instagram posting tools, live chat support, and social media posting capabilities across multiple platforms.

SMS and Email Marketing Integration

VisualBot integrates seamlessly with popular SMS gateways and email providers, allowing users to conduct SMS and email marketing campaigns directly from the platform. Features include drag-and-drop email builders, campaign scheduling, and integration with autoresponder services.

Analytical Marketing Insights

Users can access detailed analytics for their Facebook pages and messenger bots, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of marketing strategies.

Multilingual Support and Other Features

VisualBot supports multilingual content and offers a range of additional features including RTL support, user management, announcement capabilities, and customizable landing pages.

Experience the power of VisualBot and revolutionize your customer engagement and marketing efforts today!


  • 4 months ago Add - Instagram video posting error fix - Instagram filter world doesn't work if the comment reply option is blank issue fix - Social posting removed feature still showing for users who upgrade visualbot from old version to latest version issue fix - Removed analytics button from Instagram - Get JSON code option is now back