Appovent – Getting Started

Elevate Your Event Management Experience

Make your event stand out with professional management and seamless attendee interactions, all without needing an expert. With Appovent, it takes just 5 minutes to bring your event to life and efficiently oversee attendee engagement.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Event Management: From organizing events to managing attendees, Appovent offers a full suite of features to streamline your event planning process.
  2. Personalized Event Experience: Tailor your event to perfection with customizable options including multi-theme color schemes, font selections, and personalized landing pages.
  3. Efficient Check-in with QR Codes: Simplify event entry with QR-code check-in, ensuring a smooth registration process for attendees.
  4. Automated Responses: Send timely and personalized emails to attendees, keeping them informed and engaged every step of the way.
  5. Custom Domains: Give your event a professional touch with a custom domain for your landing page, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.
  6. Real-time Attendee Insights: Stay informed with real-time data on attendee participation and engagement, allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly.
  7. Secure Payment Options: Appovent offers seamless integration with PayPal and Stripe, enabling hassle-free billing and payment processing for your event.
  8. Flexible Pricing Packages: Choose from a variety of pricing packages, including free options, to suit your event’s unique needs and budget.
  9. Robust Account Settings: Customize your event management experience with flexible account settings, ensuring everything is tailored to your preferences.
  10. Social Media Integration: Enhance event visibility and reach by allowing attendees to log in with their Facebook or Google accounts, and leverage Google Analytics to track event performance.
  11. Administrator Control: Enjoy full control over event settings and configurations with comprehensive admin features, including management of localization, email settings, social integrations, website pages, users, modules, and more.

Experience the power of Appovent and take your event management to new heights effortlessly.


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